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Días Únicos™
Private sales events

Using a private sale event format, in just 3 days you can sell the equivalent to a month's worth of vehicles at a dealership! And, best of all, we bring in new customers from 100% digital sources.

  • Increase your sales by up to 75%: exponentially increase your sales opportunities and sell all your stock.
  • "Turnkey" event: we take care of the entire sales process: new customer appointments, showroom adaptation, team coaching and much more!
  • We generate face-to-face and online appointments: we generate face-to-face, telephone and video appointments that are managed from our CRM system with a personalised virtual showroom.
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Traffic Activator™
Appointment generation

The sales solution for commercial teams that generates face-to-face, telephone or video meetings on a continuous basis. Prospects have a genuine purchase interest and are 100% digitally sourced.

  • Systematically increase your sales: obtain recurrent appointments for your sales teams.
  • Specialised CRM software: access our CRM appointment management system and information dashboards from any device.
  • Obtain qualified appointments: generate high-value prospects through a meticulous qualification process by our specialised call centre.
Watch the Días Únicos™ events on video! Watch the Días Únicos™ events on video!
Watch the Días Únicos™ events on video!

Watch the Días Únicos™ events on video!

"Can you imagine selling more than 100 cars in just one weekend? That's what we do at our events..."

Eduard Buil

Coaching Team Manager

Other solutions adapted for you

Find out about other solutions designed to serve the needs of the dealer in the current scenario and reach your targets!

Digital Días Únicos™

This event is 100% digital and will allow you to expand your area of influence. The customer views the available stock and is contacted to set up a telephone or video appointment.

Prospect Activator

Obtain new prospects and opportunities on a recurring basis for your entire sales network. If you already have a CRM system, we will easily integrate with it, and if not, we will provide you with ours.

Find out

how we do it

Throughout the entire actions process, a series of steps are taken that are key to achieving maximum results.

Customer acquisition

Implementation of digital
marketing campaigns and
Big Data analytics, identifying potential buyers.

Appointment contact centre

Our local and specialised
contact centre qualifies
commercial appointments.

Training and preparation

Motivational coach for the sales team, adaptation of
the showroom and coordination
of visits.

CRM Monitoring Dashboard

for monitoring the action
in real time, post-event follow-up and feedback

Discover our

specialised CRM system

We have our own CRM tool that is tailored to our solutions. It enables sales teams to carry out their work in a structured, easy and fast manner, with access to new appointment information in real time.

We activate sales

Book your action now and sell your entire stock, starting today.


Activating Dealer Sales


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